Hello. I’m Bex and I work as a user researcher where I pretty much focus on talking to people in order to understand what they need and want from services and products and whether the services and products they use actually meet those needs or not. I’ve always been interested in understanding people, including and perhaps even most of all – myself, and what makes us tick. I have a degree in Human Computer Interaction with Ergonomics which is basically about understanding how people interact with machines, computers and workspaces and how we can make doing what we need to do as easy and straightforward as possible. I also studied French because I like to talk and didn’t want to limit talking to only those who speak English.

Personally I sometimes struggle with the stresses and strains of modern life and I am convinced that I could equip myself with knowledge as well as practical tools that will help me to feel that I am better able to cope and to live a happier and more fulfilled life. We only have one and so I am not willing to accept that my experience to date is as good as it gets so I’m doing what I can to make improvements. I also have a number of – let’s call them –  traits and habits that I don’t like very much and that I want to change and am convinced that I can again equip myself with the knowledge and tools to make the necessary changes in the way I think, feel and behave that again will lead to a more satisfying version of my life.

I’m writing this blog for two reasons: firstly it is a tool that will help me on my journey of learning about myself, my relationship with stress and the things I struggle to either accept or change in my life. I will learn about my mental health and well-being and its impact on my physical health, as well as the patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviour that I’ve developed that hinder rather than help me in living the life I want to live. Secondly, in writing about what I learn and sharing it I hope that others can also benefit from the wealth of research and information that is now available about human psychology and neuroscience and how it can help anyone to make positive changes to improve life experience.

Mental health should not be seen as a taboo subject that has only two extremes with one of them being ‘normal’ i.e. not having a disorder and the other being ‘not normal’ i.e. having some kind of mental health issue/condition or disorder. Instead it should be a whole spectrum/continuum from a high level of mental well-being to severe and chronic illness. It should also be recognised that even a high level of mental wellbeing is not constant but like good physical health is variable and fluctuating and again that our physical and mental well-being are likely to impact one another as our bodies and mind and intrinsically linked, not separate. In fact experiencing them as separate is part of the problem. We spend much of our time living in our heads and not thinking very much about our bodies at all. We need to be more aware of the link between mind and body and like physical health we should look after our mental well-being on a regular and perhaps even daily basis. This should be our norm and we would all be healthier and happier for it.

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